Of Fututos, Cayucos and Chichiguas: Escape Routes and Travel Artifacts

From the activation of the ancestral memory of the Caribbean contained in its artifacts, curator Yina Jiménez Suriel proposes a re-appropriation of travel and scape, against the colonial order, as other ways of world-making for survival.

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  1. I wish I could have the names to evoke the diverse original communities of the region. However, until recent decades, what we know is reduced to a story built by US-American archeology schools—including those of Yale and Columbia University—that anchor, in colonial accounts, the perspective from which they wanted to interpret people who lived here. The colonial academy reduces the diverse native communities to less than five in the entire insular region. Nothing further from reality, according to research such as those by Antonio Curet, Reniel Rodríguez, and Marcio Veloz Maggiolo; there is still no identification closer to reality.

  2. In the Dominican Republic, the chichigua is the name given to an aerodynamic flying toy with a flat and light structure, made of paper, plastic, or fabric that flies thanks to the force of the wind and one or more threads manipulated from the ground. In other places, it is known as chiringa, comet, and kite.


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