New article of Issue 23: «Otaku Culture and a Clock That Runs Fast», by Martín de Mauro

The erotics of resistance anti-neoliberal, and beyond!

Issue 23:

Editorial foreword and complete index

Terremoto x Ubisoft

Artistic residency in Winnipeg with artist Anna Costa e Silva


Reports - Milán - Italy

Daniel Godínez Nivón, Helena Lugo

Ensayo de Flora Onírica: Fantastic Species From Collective Dreams

Curator Helena Lugo talks to Daniel Godínez Nivón, who represents Mexico at the 23rd Milan Triennale.

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Special Deal: 3 Shout-Outs

MXN 18,660.00 MXN 12,450.00

ritmo volcán by Minia Biabiany

MXN 650.00

Margarita Cabrera’s Space in Between

MXN 400.00

Talisman (2021) by Carlos Motta for Club Terremoto

MXN 30,000.00

Skrei en Røst – by Carolina Caycedo

MXN 4,000.00

Mauro Giaconi’s Lead Season

MXN 600.00

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