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Andamiaje presents its first exhibition of 2024

Andamiaje presents its first exhibition of 2024 with work by 17 artists, from February 22 to 24 at Salón Barcelona with the support of Proyectos Públicos.

Andamiaje presents its first exhibition of 2024 with works by Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Fritzia Irízar, Cynthia Gutiérrez, Gonzálo Lebrija, Daniela Libertad, Calixto Ramírez, Chelsea Culprit, Antonio Bravo, Claudia Luna, Isa Carrillo, Domenico Zindato, Joshua Jobb, Lorena Ancona, Martín Soto Climent, Miguel Fernández de Castro, Tania Bello and Sangree.
Andamiaje is a curatorial initiative that supports artists and embraces the interest of people seeking advice to create or enrich an art collection. It promotes a virtuous circle that opens its members to be part of a joint effort that seeks to contribute, promote and forge the future of contemporary art.

The methodology is designed to promote the inclusion and participation of different actors in the art scene: artists, gallery owners, curators and collectors where the results benefit all parties; and supported by the research and trajectory of Patricia Martín, who accompanies all parties during the process.

Thanks to the support of Public Projects, Andamiaje has had the use of Salón Barcelona, ​​one of eight rehabilitated historical venues, for its exhibitions in 2023 and again for its first exhibition in 2024.
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