by Sandra Sánchez

Vital arts, not visual ones Interview with the curators of Bocavularia

by Ana Pi

NoirBLUE - les déplacements d'une danse

(Español) por Duen Neka’hen Sacchi

(Español) Perdiendo el Sur: retomando la brújula ética que apunta hacía la vida

by María Galindo

Essential feminist bibliography or dare to read feminism


O sonho é a terceira margem do rio

pela equipe Bienal Sesc_Videobrasil

As muitas caras da memória na 22ª Bienal Sesc_Videobrasil

Meet the artists selected for "Interplanetary Simulations"!

by Alex Ungprateeb Flynn

Authoring histories, manifesting futures

Thinking about the world differently to summon the delirious crowds and return to where you always were -35th São Paulo Biennial choreographies of the impossible

by Fabián Villegas

Against time

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Interplanetary Simulations: learn more about the first volume of Travesías Terremoto

By Pablo Gaytán

Whitewashed Metapolis under the 3D I

Terremoto transforms the print magazine into a residency program

Travesías Terremoto

by vinicíux da silva

Contemplation, totality, revenge: Revenguê uma exposição-cena by Yhuri Cruz at the Rio Art Museum


Ongoing - Entrevista Lolita Pank - Argentina Mexico

Sandra Sánchez

Vital arts, not visual ones Interview with the curators of Bocavularia

Curator and researcher Sandra Sánchez visited the Bocavularia exhibition in the independent space Lolita Pank, where she interviewed the curators of the exhibition.

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La verdad, Jose Clemente Orozco: Final Cut special edition (complete serie + book)

MXN 7,000.00

The Green Goddess, Reloaded

MXN 400.00

The Liquid Gates of Time

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Deshacer el tiempo: arte e historias del encarcelamiento

MXN 1,000.00

Agítese antes de usar

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