São Paulo, Brazil

Elton Panamby

Elton Panamby is a sody artist, teacher, mother/mama, trans, afropindoramic. Born in the southern periphery of São Paulo/SP, resides in São Luís/MA since 2016. With transternity/maternity, she delves into self-care processes and sound compositions, in the subtleties, noises and obscurities revealed by amniotic environments. She started to generate sounds as a poetic practice in/of the dark, as an attempt to touch the invisible. Lived and coordinated CASA 24 (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), an autonomous space for LGBTQIA+ art and resistance. She holds a Bachelor in Performance from Comunicação e Artes do Corpo (PUCSP/2009). Master and PhD in Arts by PPGARTES-UERJ. CyberOgan in the collective Lança Cabocla.

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