todo-mundo art book fair 2024

We celebrate the second edition of todo-mundo art book fair from February 8 to 11, in collaboration with Feria Material Vol. 10, at Edificio Humboldt, Calle del artículo 123, #116, col. Centro, CDMX. Long live the printed matter during the art week in CDMX!

todo-mundo art book fair
tmabf 2024

February 8-11, 2024

Edificio Humboldt, Calle del Artículo 123, #116

Mexico City, 06040


Temblores Publicaciones, the sister publishing house of Terremoto, celebrates the second edition of the todo-mundo art book fair. With 56 publishing projects from 23 cities and 10 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, this edition of todo-mundo is held in alliance with Feria Material, Vol. 10, and takes place a couple of blocks away from the fair, at the Edificio Humboldt in Mexico City’s Centro neighborhood, from February 8 to 11, 2024.


call 002:
to publish is (to provoke)

Tout-monde is a term articulated by Édouard Glissant, to refer to the co-presence of beings and things put in relation. This notion of world proposes a fabric built from the difference that exceeds the visions of power raised by the West to configure—from the existing relationships between the different points of the map and the agents that are located there—, spaces of autonomy, unpredictability and imaginaries in flux from poetry.

In this second edition of todo-mundo we take that space of possibility as a starting point to experience the multiple and fortuitous places that the book can lead to. We celebrate the editorial exercises that think of the act of publishing as an act of provocation, and where the pages of the book turn into potential, making the book a vehicle for the imagination. Multiple, diffracted and unpredictable, the book is a mobile space in flux. Where can its poetry take us?

todo-mundo art book fair will be open to the public from February 8 to 11, 2024, as part of Mexico City’s art week.

Thursday, February 8, 12-8pm
Friday, February 9, 12-8pm
Saturday, February 10, 12-8pm
Sunday, February 11, 12-6pm

Admission will be free for all four days of the art book fair.

Edificio Humboldt is located at Calle del Artículo 123, #116, Centro, Mexico City, 06040. todo-mundo art book fair will take place on the fourth floor of the building, in the brand new rooftop of the complex. The building has an elevator and restrooms on each floor. Pop-ups by Combo and Otro Café will provide food and drinks during the four days of the fair.

Public Program
During the four days of the fair, different publishing projects will be presented, as well as performance and musical projects. Check out all the activities on Temblores Publicaciones’ Instagram: @temblores__mx

Exhibitors of the 2024 edition

¡AGITPOP! Press (New York City)
Alias (Mexico City)
Beibi Creisi (Mexico City)
Bienal Tlateloca (Mexico City)
Big Sur (Bogotá)
Bruma Laboratoria (Veracruz)
CALACA press (London / Mexico City)
Can Can Press (Mexico City)
Casa Futura (Cali)
Chiquilla te quiero (Mexico City / State of México)
Coníferas Tropicales (Oaxaca)
Cráter Invertido / Taller XD (Mexico City)
Ediciones Concordia (Querétaro)
Ediciones sin resentimiento (Mexico City)
Edition Patrick Frey (Zurich)
ESPAC / Piedra Ediciones (Mexico City)
Festina Publicaciones (Mexico City)
Fiebre ediciones (Mexico City)
Flotar / Harmonipan Editions (Salvador Bahia)
Fundación Jumex (Mexico City)
Galería Mal d3 ojo (State of México)
Gato Negro Ediciones (Mexico City)
Gisela Cukier (Buenos Aires)
Gold Rain (Querétaro)
Gráficas Molinari / Ediciones Réplica (Cali)
Impresos México (Mexico City)
Islario (Monterrey)
Job Sánchez (Veracruz)
KBB (Barcelona / Buenos Aires)
La Bruja Riso (Medellín)
La Herrata Feliz (Mexico City)
La increíble (Mexico City)
LUPA (Mexico City)
Miau ediciones (Mexico City)
Mi Valedor (Mexico City)
Ojo Tres feat. Evnia (Halle / Leipzig / Oaxaca)
Oliver Griffin Archive (London / Zurich)
OMG PRESS (Mexico City)
Operacion Estrella (Mexico City)
Polvoh Press (Oaxaca)
PrintED Studio 印得物工作室 (Chicago / Dalian)
PROArtes México (Mexico City / Salt Lake City)
RABIA (Oaxaca)
Revista Eje (Mexico City)
Rock & Amistad (Mexico City)
Roga Ediciones (Mexico City)
Roza y Quema (Mexico City)
S.A.R.A. (Mexico City)
SE IMPRIME (Santiago)
t-e-e (Mexico City)
Temblores Publicaciones (Mexico City)
TRECE OJOS (Mexico City)
tumbalacasa (Mexico City)

Temblores Publicaciones


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