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Myles Starr presenta "El Techo de Senderos que se Bifurcan" en Pagoda Imaginaria, Guatemala

Pagoda Imaginaria, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
18 de enero de 2020 – 18 de febrero de 2020

It was 1941 when my signal got to Vienna via Berlin. Living memory of those days is at once being tragically lost and cathartically freed. I justified my acts based upon what I had seen in Manchuria and the vulgarity inflicted upon the Chinese individually and as a culture.

You could call it slight of hand; knowing when to stop; knowing when to bluff; when to be a rat; when to eat a gelatin filled snake; washing your clothes on the right day; the luck of never signing anything the same way twice; knowing how many combs to buy… there are a lot of names for it… but ni modo… estoy sentado bajo los cielos azules, libre de mi cuerpo, medio libre de mi mente.

I am enjoying the last days of my life in Pink and Blue. When was the last time you met a 106 year old Andre 3000 devotee?

Text by Doctor Yu Tsun


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