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"Anti-Gone" de Theo Triantafyllidis en Pop Montreal, Canadá

Presentada por Art POP y Fondation PHI
Montreal, Canadá
25 septiembre, 2020 – 10 octubre, 2020

Anti-Gone was a live stream performance by artist Theo Triantafyllidis, based on the comic book by Connor Willumsen, commissioned and produced by Onassis Culture. Anti-Gone incorporates live performance with real time simulation to explore the social impacts of technology, privilege and the beginnings and ends of worlds. It was launched on September 25 at Pop Montreal, co-presented by Art POP and Fondation PHI. On September 26 at the Gray Area Festival, SF. And on 10 October at the BFI London Film Festival. 

Adapting the mechanics of open world video games, Anti-Gone revises traditional narrative into a continuous simulation, taking place in a meticulously crafted 3D world, full of visual signifiers of paradise: a bright blue ocean, lush multicolored vegetation, a sunken city lit by glowing sunsets. This world is also riddled with social unrest and mutation, a post-climate change world where environmental catastrophe has become normalized. The vestiges of late-capitalist culture—consumerism, inequality, social unrest—live on, clinging like barnacles to the ruins of civilization. This work features Spyda and Lynxa on their sailboat, as they glide from shopping to movies to psychedelic drugs, and social unrest. Using a motion capture suit and a virtual reality headset as embodied interfaces, actors puppeteer their live avatars. Performing alongside them, behind the scenes, Triantafyllidis and his team of game engineers direct and shape the world in real-time. Via a live chat, the online audience had the opportunity to directly interact with the performers by improvising dialogue and controlling characters and environmental conditions in real-time, thus changing the course of the narrative. In the midst of uncertainty, Anti-Gone is offering a soothing experience with a critical view on the privilege of escape. 

Theo Triantafyllidis (1988, Athens, Greece) is an artist who builds virtual spaces and the interfaces for the human body to inhabit them. He holds an MFA from UCLA, Design Media Arts and a Diploma of Architecture from NTUA. He has shown work in museums, including the Hammer Museum in LA and NRW Forum in Dusseldorf, DE. He was part of Hyper Pavilion in the 2017 Venice Biennale and the 2018 Athens Biennale: ANTI-. He is based in Los Angeles, US. Triantafyllidis is represented by: The Breeder, Athens and Meredith Rosen Gallery, New York.


Director: Theo Triantafyllidis
Writer: Connor Willumsen
Production Manager: Polina Miliou
Key Collaborator: Matthew Doyle

Performance Team 

Cast: Lindsey Normington, Zana Gankhuyag, Sam Congdon
Composer and Live Music Performance: Cameron Stallones
Game Engine Performer: Rachel Ho

Game Engine Team 

Lead Artist: Theo Triantafylldis
Lead Programmer: Stalgia Grigg
Lead 3D Character Designer: Joseph Melhuish,
3D Artists: Sara Drake, Ryan Decker, Siyao Zheng 

Commissioned and Produced by Onassis Culture 

Motion Capture technology provided by Noitom MoCap.


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