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Renaud Jerez

ICA Miami, Miami, Florida, USA
8 de julio de 2016 – 30 de octubre de 2016




In his first solo exhibition in the US, Berlin-based, French artist Renaud Jerez presents a site-specific installation created for ICA Miami. Part of an emergent generation of contemporary artists, Renaud works across disciplines, but with a concentration on sculpture —creating innovative, anthropomorphic, and apocalyptic forms. Using bandages, fabrics, and light industrial materials, the artist is known for his haunting, humorous and abject sculptures that imagine the future of the human form as vampires or mummies. Intricate and violent, these forms consider the human body as continuous with architecture and technology, as well as destruction and decay.

For his installation at ICA Miami, Jerez presents an immersive installation in which his autonomous sculptural forms fold into the museum’s architecture. On display are new plaster forms that consider the human head as architecture; and a series of new embroidered tents.

Photo: Fredrik Nilsen Studio
Courtesy of ICA Miami

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