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Lenguaje invisible

HILO Galería, Buenos Aires, Argentina
7 de mayo de 2016 – 2 de julio de 2016




Invisible Language documents a sport/performance that took place on May 1st, 2016 and is a research project based on the work Panajedrez from the Argentine artist Xul Solar (1887-1963). This exhibition is a collection of sketches, photographs and videos that document a football game in which the jerseys are labeled with letters instead of numbers. Though subtle, it substantially modifies the dynamics of a conventional football game in order to create dynamic puns. In this way, crowd sourced poetry is formed by the interactions between players.

Maximiliano Siñani’s work questions and transformation the meaning of objects. Altering the reality of everyday life through the transmutation of mediums, formally and conceptually. An invitation to rethink what it is already installed into a new language.

In a simple action, they all become the same team, without differences in status or color, playing with the same jersey. The work is embedded in the environment where football mostly lives, a meeting space to enjoy the Latin American passion.

Courtesy of HILO Galería, Buenos Aires


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