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Hólǫ́—it xistz

ICA Miami, Miami, Florida, USA
18 de mayo de 2019 – 3 de noviembre de 2019

Eric Paul Riege: Hólǫ́—it xistz is the first institutional exhibition dedicated to the work of the emerging Navajo artist. Activating the long-held Navajo tradition of weaving and drawing from the mythical stories that are bound to this tradition, Riege generates stories through woven wearables, looms, thread, ephemeral architectures, and durational performances. Riege’s work also celebrates, studies, and embodies the Hózhó–Diné philosophy, a complex belief system of the Navajo that embraces beauty, balance, goodness, and harmony in all things physical, mental, and spiritual.

Presented in ICA Miami’s Project Space dedicated to providing critical museum exposure for emerging and under-recognized artists, the exhibition features a newly commissioned project, which includes a number of durational performances. It is accompanied by a 100-page monographic catalogue with newly-commissioned scholarly essays.


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