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"Carved Reflections" de Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman y Laurena Finéus en Ottawa Art Gallery, Canadá

Ottawa, Canadá
Mayo, 2021 – 19 diciembre, 2021

Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman and Laurena Finéus, Carved Reflections (2021). 3-part mural and sound installation. Photo by Justin Wonnacott

«This mural project was a wonderful experience and we are extremely grateful for everything that we learned throughout this process. We both had the chance to expand our own respective practices and were able to discover a completely different side of painting. Furthermore, being mentored by a wonderful muralist such as Curtia Wright was an amazing experience in itself! After a year of social distancing, we really enjoyed getting to talk with another artist and learn from her extensive knowledge.We always looked forward to our weekly workshops with her and the lessons always came packaged with beautiful care. All this work eventually led us to the creation of our collaborative project Carved Reflections, which is a wonderful amalgamation of our multiple discussions and numerous hours spent together in the last two months. In terms of context, each mural creates a submerged experience of the diasporic consciousness and it presents the viewers with various stages of the Black existence. We decided to take on the theme of Filtered as a criticism of the images/narratives that have too commonly made themselves home on all of our screens. We asked ourselves: what are the impacts of growing up immersed in this westernized digital culture as Somali/Indian and Haitian? This and many other themes are what feeds Carved Reflections. We’d like to thank the Ottawa Black Arts Kollective, our mentor Curtia Wright and the Ottawa Art Gallery for giving us the chance and resources to do this mural. But we are even more grateful to each other for the wonderful friendship that emerged from it. Thank you!»

—Quote from the «Carved Reflections» mural artists, Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman et Laurena Finéus


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