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Estileras presenta "Calçado de Monstro"

São Paulo, Brasil
24 de agosto de 2020 – 30 de septiembre de 2020

Brendy wears Calçado de Monstro made by her during the live performance Calçados de Monstro at SP-arte 2018. Photo taken right after it was created

Calçado de Monstro (Monster Shoes) is one of Estileras’ lines of research that arises from the tension created between abolishing divisions by gender, exposing fashion’s exclusionary hypocrisy and reframing the residues of this industry. Discarded shoes are transformed into wearable sculptures, symbols of rupture with the acceptable, and their mutation process is a proposal for transparency and sharing of experiences.

Under the risk of reality, a Calçado de Monstro incorporates unforeseen events marking its presence as an open system for destabilizing foundations, always proposing the widening of limits.

The Webseries Calçado de Monstro is an empirical strategy, transmitted live over the Internet, responsible for guiding a performance, where dissident bodies explore the construction—for their own feet—of a sculpture that does not conform to the market’s oppressive parameters. It is action made into material.

While the performers spend 4 to 8 hours creating and testing their “monsters”,  everytime one is finished the @calcadodemonstro profile on Instagram is updated so the new “Calçado de Monstro” can be seen and shared throughout the web.

With live soundtrack and live visuals, a universe of possibilities fragmented between languages and practices promotes a work in transit.

Estileras is an organization guided by the duo of performatic, indisciplinary and multimedia artists Boni Gattai and Brendy Xavier.

Away from classic techniques, they propose a subversion of traditional structures through 3 lines of research driven by the items of clothing: garments, shoes and accessories.

Sculptors of residues, they explore their processes through performance, branching narratives and stitching discourses in hybrid media practices.

They reveal this universe via a precarious and chaotic aesthetic, where it is fundamental to defy status quo values.

EP 05

Collaboration with Unusual BR and Hardgayhell
Creative Direction – Estileras
Stream Setup and Production – Boni Gattai
Style – Brendy Xavier and Nich Giovanna @stylingbynich
VJ and Design  – Gabriel Felistoque @gaburo
Soundtrack – Hardgayhell
Support – Say My Name

EP 06 at Matilda SP (

Collaboration with Limitrofe Television
Creative Direction – Estileras
VJ, Stream Setup and Production – Boni Gattai @3stilara
Live soundtrack – Letricia Ventin @777letricia
Design – Pedro Ferreira @pedrocks_

EP 07 at HOA SP-arte Year 01 (@hoa.tour) and MAI (@abramovicinstitute)

Creative Direction – Estileras
VJ, Stream Setup and Production – Boni Gattai @3stilara
Beauty – Aun Helden @aunhelden
Style – Brendy Xavier @0000000brendy
Camera – Kelton Campos @1nn6
Live Visuals and Design – Ikaro Cavalcante @occulted
Live Soundtrack – Pujol @pujolllll
Support – Dachuva @dachuva_abraba


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