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WARM São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
24 de febrero de 2016 – 10 de abril de 2016


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Without my brother I find it difficult to do anything. A Century of Progress is the name of the world exhibition in Chicago that took place between 1933 and 1934 to celebrate the centenary of the city. The theme of the show is technological innovation, the motto: “She Finds, They Apply, He Conforms”, the architectural symbol, The Valley of Kings in a ‘Sky Ride’ version, a gondola hanging from a suspension bridge constructed for the event.

In the European pavilion of the Universal Expo a big exhibition is organised to celebrate the brilliance of the south in the field of history and science. I have to get myself there, have to open this very important pavilion. But the taxi, who had promised me that he knew the exact address, drops me in a residential area, and bolts without even demanding payment.

Text by Stefano Coizzi
Courtesy of WARM São Paulo

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