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"XX": seis artistas mujeres latinxs en LatchKey Gallery, EUA

Nueva York, EUA
23 marzo, 2021 – 2 mayo, 2021

LatchKey Gallery is proud to present XX, an exhibition of six female Latinx artists working with geometric abstraction. XX opened at 323 Canal Street in Manhattan and is featuring works by Beverly Acha, C.J. Chueca, Edra Soto, Ivelisse Jiménez, Marisol Martinez and Victoria Martinez.

XX is a response to current social and cultural shifts that aim to close historical gaps of visual representation, especially the exclusion of female Latinx artists working in abstraction. The six featured artists physically and metaphorically stake their claim within the contemporary conversation, evoking emotion in the viewer. They force us to recognize the space they boldly occupy.

Through reduction and repetition, C.J. Chueca and Victoria Martinez reframe abstractions of place. Using reclaimed materials such as tile fragments and discarded textiles, Chueca and Martinez channel the energy of their surroundings into compositions that welcome introspection, while asserting the white cube gallery for themselves. Martinez will exhibit a new site-specific work that the viewer can walk through.

Beverly Acha and Marisol Martinez use color and shape as tools of expression, balancing foreground and background to push and pull the viewer’s emotional consciousness. Colorful rectangles, squares and lines create cascading movements of evocative, beguiling play. Ivelisse Jiménez, while also working with color and shape, experiments with the boundaries of her artworks, often moving her materials beyond the traditional “edge” of the canvas. Utilizing scale and depth to envelop the body, Acha, Jiménez and Martinez create a transformative viewing experience.

Graceful geometric arcs and repetitive interlocking motifs will adorn the windows of the gallery in an installation from Edra Soto’s GRAFT series, created specifically for this exhibition. Modeled after quiebrasoles—distinctly Puerto Rican ornamental concrete blocks that provide shade from the sun—the installation invites the viewer to peer through the tiny openings in the pattern of the installation to find photos taken by the artist during her time at home in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. The viewfinders are inauspiciously placed throughout the piece to actively challenge viewers to reflect on the troubled relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico and the longstanding history of “looking in” and “walking away.”

The language of abstraction in and of itself is a form of dismantling an ordered way of thinking. Through their abstract art, these six female Latinx artists are a catalyst for progress, allowing us to think and feel more freely.

A percentage of the sales from this exhibition will go to support the Lower East Side Girls Club.

LatchKey Gallery (LKG) is a nomadic contemporary art gallery that re-envisions the traditional art-viewing experience. Founded by Natalie Kates and Amanda Uribe in 2018, LKG centers artists that challenge historical narratives and fixed ideas. LKG exhibits artwork that gives voice to individuals who have been previously overlooked. Through critical inquiry, these artists expose us to new perspectives. Since the gallery’s inception, LKG has championed emerging artists.

LatchKey Gallery is committed to supporting art and culture and the role it plays in sustaining healthy communities. Partnering with various non-profit organizations to support their missions, LKG contributes a percentage of sales from exhibitions and participates as an active member of non-profit committees to raise money throughout the year.


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