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Sunset Strrip

The Battery, San Francisco, California, USA
28 de julio de 2015 – 11 de octubre de 2015




Artists: Derek Boshier, Mira Dancy, Karl Haendel, Jake Kean-Mayman, Josh Mannis, Rose Marcus, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Augustus Thompson, Christine Wang

In the 60s the Sunset Strip was dirrty. Dirrty in the trash that covered the streets and dirrty in the deals that went down between hustlers on the street and those in cars. Dirrty hands shook behind asbestos walls while polyester fabrics brimmed with dirrrty sweat and car exhaust.

Today Sunset Strip is very different, operating more like a television commercial through which you drive. Massive billboards consume your visual attention leaving little else to be absorbed.

The new strrip has moved southeast. It runs through downtown Los Angeles, beginning at the Fashion District and ending at Dames-N-Games. This is Night Gallery’s neighborhood. This is her strrip. Trash piles up daily outside her door. Neon lights seduce seekers into nearby places like Sam’s Hoffbrau, a club where the number of twerking bodies on a stage is pushed to the hilt. However, this is still LA where you are never very far from a yoga studio or juice bar.

Sunset Strrip, an exhibition curated by Night Gallery at The Battery, conveys the landscape we know best to the denizens of San Francisco. From Mira Dancy’s neon to Karl Haendel’s yoga figures, the body makes its presence felt as both tool and sign. Christine Wang’s paintings and sculptures address the dangers of cheap trends with high stakes while Josh Mannis’ video drives this point home with mesmerizing repetition. Rose Marcus and Augustus Thompson act as the antidote, providing more romantic contemplations of urban space and abstract geometry. Derek Boshier and Sojourner Truth Parsons heat up the scene with saucy lines, lips and privates while Jake Kean-Mayman’s ghosts whisper hauntings in pastel hues. The body here is sweaty, surrounded by concrete and heat waves, looking for a comfortable place amongst the dirrt.

Courtesy of Night Gallery, Los Angeles


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