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Sometimes Random

Noguchi Breton, Miami, Florida, USA
18 de noviembre de 2016 – 14 de enero de 2017




Noguchi Breton presents Sometimes Random, an exhibition of new paintings by Lynne Golob Gelfman. Based in South Florida, Gelfman gained a reputation for her distinctive process-based paintings that explore the interplay between structure and randomness, discipline and freedom, control and chance.

This concern, a foundation of her career, was the basis of Gelfman’s thru series, begun in the 1970s, in which she painted on the back of the raw, unprimed canvas, allowing acrylic color to bleed into a grid of triangles. Each work functioned as an interface as paint seeped from the verso through the porous fabric in transparent layers. The paintings allowed for the workings of chance within an underlying geometry and possessed a soft, diffuse luminosity of organic color.

In Sometimes Random, Gelfman further investigates these central questions. In some paintings, the clarity of the grid becomes muted by an all over color field. In others, the triangular patterns are fractured and almost disappear. In all the paintings, the structure of the support quietly emerges, and the patterning may evoke associations with the handwoven textiles of Africa, South America and Japan. Gelfman’s play with color and materiality engages the fundamental issues of abstraction in ways that are uniquely her own.


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