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Not Even

Good Enough, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
26 de mayo de 2017 – 16 de junio de 2017

Nobody needs to tell us the world we live in is not even. We bear witness to the brutality of unequal structures daily. This unevenness has a certain architectural form structured by socioeconomics, access and opportunity. A subterranean darkroom has been fashioned in the space with subtle manifestations of unevenness that the viewer engages. The ebb and flow of visitors in the space add to the alteration and development of cropped images on unfixed photographic paper, hinting at our inherent but often invisible participation in the uneven world. This unevenness is also temporal. “The past isn’t dead. It’s not even past,” wrote William Faulkner. As these images develop and change in the future, so do they register the impressions of a past that we can never fully grasp.


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