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Human Supremacy: The Failed Project

Casa do Povo, São Paulo, Brazil
10 de agosto de 2019 – 29 de septiembre de 2019

Human Supremacy: The Failed Project is a site-specific installation thought as a votive offering to Casa do Povo. The work by Daniel Lie occupies two extremities of the building: the underground floor, where the former and currently deactivated TAIB theater is located, and the terrace, used for several different purposes on a daily basis. The installation created for the theater will only be open to the public in two moments: at the opening (Aug 10th) and closing (Sep 28th) of the event.

Upon invitation of Casa do Povo to conceive a project related with the garden of the building, Daniel Lie questions the human supremacy and the garden itself as a structure of colonization, dependency, and domination. The work has beyond-human beings as protagonists, notably fungi and bacteria who will multiply and transform themselves during the exhibition period. Starting from the idea of Casa do Povo as an ecosystem whose action suggests a consciousness of its own, the artist understands the plurality of lives composing the “people” of the Casa as beings that go beyond human.

Thinking the installation as energy-giving nourishment for what is not seen, Daniel Lie reclaims other logics of cooperation between natural agents as ballasts for this garden in process.

Visual artist with roots in Indonesia and Pernambuco, Daniel Lie was born in São Paulo and currently lives a nomadic process. Time is a pilar to the work developed, ranging from the most ancient and affective memoriesbringing to surface some personal and familiar historiesto the time of things in the world and the cycles of life, whether they are human or beyond-human. By means of installations and objects, Lie uses materials as they are and works with the performativity of elements like plants, fruits, life and death processes of fungi and bacteria, and minerals. The gaze is also oriented towards tensions between science and religion, ancestry and present, magic and daily life. Daniel Lie has already developed site-specific works in more than eleven countries, among which stand out the recent solo exhibition at Jupiter ArtLand (United Kingdom), and the participation in several collective exhibitions, in places such as the Yogyakarta Biennale (Indonesia), Osage Foundation (China), Wiener Festwochen (Austria), Kampnagel (Germany), and Espacios Revelados (Chile and Colombia). In Brazil, hers work was presented in venues as the Sesc Sorocaba Triennial of Arts, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Casa do Povo, and Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade.


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