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Everybody! Come stand on the altar!

PSSST, Los Angeles, California, USA
24 de junio de 2016 – 24 de julio de 2016




A collaboration between PSSST and Anna Betbeze, Jesse Fleming, Luis Flores, Deana Lawson, Keaton Macon, K.r.m. Mooney, Litia Perta, Barb Smith, and Dorian Wood.

Everybody! Come stand on the altar! is a performance of materials. It is an invitation to engage in an immersive constellation of objects, sounds, images, language, and lighting.

In the first instant of a theatrical encounter, there is abstraction, empathy even, as we begin to ask questions, as we begin to focus. Lights go off and on, sounds overwhelm then recede. Our eyes adjust, if we are sitting, our bodies may sink –we fidget because the feeling is powerful and the space before a beginning is open. In this diffuse moment, we are enraptured by a series of relationships that unfold —things we have seen before, fragments of fantasies and projections, known objects taking different forms. Instinctively, we silence ourselves, we long to know more, we wait for catharsis.

Neutral space –where distinct objects and subjects exist in singular and mythical purity— is a fallacy. The ever-shifting variables of bodies, sounds, smells, colors, temperatures, location, and histories impact our perception and engagement with all that surrounds us. In collaborating with the works in this exhibition, we were allowed to take risks –to mediate and create a new composition, to throw into stark relief the performativity of space while maintaining the integrity of the individual.

Each piece calls for, begs for, a delicate attention. When woven together with bodies in space, PSSST believes that a decentralized sacred space can emerge. There is a stage. There is no stage. The stage is always changing. Come stand on the altar.

Text by Jules Gimbrone & Barnett Cohen
Courtesy of PSSST, Los Angeles


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