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SOLO SHOWS, São Paulo, Brazil
7 de noviembre de 2015 – 5 de diciembre de 2015

Melissa Stabile confortaveis 2015 install view

Melissa Stabile Planos de Cores 2 2015

Yusuf Etiman Esponja 2015

For this exhibition Yusuf Etiman – in collaboration with a number of friends and contributors – is turning SOLO SHOWS into a temporary editorial office for the first issue of the publication Esponja Ilustrada.

The title Esponja reflects on the one hand on the maritime Porífera, a simple animal species that can be found on the water surface until a depth of 8000 meters. Esponja also reflects on the artist’s modus operandi that takes process-based collaboration as underlying principle for artistic production, absorbing and in turn releasing inspiration.

On November 7, Esponja’s first weekend, the exhibition framework consisting of three different scenarios was launched: a white cube, an office and a lounge. The latter was conceived by Melissa Stabile and was featuring among other sculptures and drawings her confortáveis, pillows designed to be hugged by the solitary cosmopolitan urban dweller. While the office will serve for the development of Esponja Ilustrada, Susanne M. Winterling is employing the white cube for the presentation of a long duration photographic exposure, 3D prints of Dinoflagellate microorganisms and a short CGI video.

Founded by Brazilian dancer and feminist Dora Vivacqua – better known under her stage name Luz del Fuego -, the island Ilha do Sol has become known as the nucleus for the nudist movement since 1954 until her death in 1967. Guilherme Altmayer has been visiting the site in the Baía de Guanabara outside Rio de Janeiro on several occasions. On November 14, Altmayer will turn SOLO SHOWS into the Casa do Corpo Nu, a nudist location to narrate legends around Vivacqua, and present documentation from his recent intervention on the island.

A project in process and constant metamorphosis, Esponja is happy to announce two planned public interventions and calls for participation:
November 21 begins with a participative performance in public space, conjured by Yorgos Sapountzis.
November 28 will feature a series of performances by Nadja Abt presenting a set of oversized fans, in collaboration with local musicians and performers. After several stops in the city, Abt’s final presentation will take place on Praça Rotary in front of SOLO SHOWS.
After the launch of the object-publication Esponja Ilustrada the same night, a version of the exhibition will remain on view for another week through December 5.

Courtesy of SOLO SHOWS, São Paulo


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