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Ao túnel-cabo pelo braço

Kunsthalle, São Paulo, Brazil
9 de mayo de 2015

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The work of Julia Spínola (*1979, Madrid) departs from an intuitive and empirical practice, in which there is no place for metaphors or symbolisms. She is interested in the laws of physics such as connectivity, transference, movement, which have been present in her practice since earlier works.

The artist observes the dynamics of movement of people in public spaces, their attitudes, gestures and the codes that link the actions, and transports them into her work. She represents the structures inside bodies – such as bones and articulations – with abstract and geometrical figures that are arranged accordingly with the gesture that she wants to represent. Only parts of the movement are represented, as if they were frames of a movie. In a first moment, Spínola was applying these arrangements into collage/drawings, and later she started to create more sculptural works.

For the exhibition «Ao túnel-cabo pelo braço», her first solo show in Brazil, Julia Spínola created three new pieces. Do braço ao túnel (2015) is a wooden sculpture that relates to the idea of connectivity and movement. A small part of the sculpture – which looks like the letter “Y” – represents the movement of an arm being lifted, but only the point when the movement starts an the point when it ends. This piece also resembles a tunnel, representing the connectivity and movement in the city.

Very impressed by the great amount of cables present on the sidewalks of São Paulo, the artist created the work Cabo, São Paulo (2015), an image in which one of these cables appears completely pixelated, in order to represent the electric activity running and the connectivity that is provided by them. This same pixelated line appears as a detail on one of the side bars of the work Do braço ao túnel.

And last but not least, the artist presents Carta de cor, São Paulo (2015), a work composed by a table painted in different tones of yellow and a number of limes – containing the tones of yellow – lying on it. This work brings to the show at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo a concept that Spínola has been developing since 2013, in which the object is unfolded and found somewhere in the world outside itself. Interested in the idea of how every colour can be create industrially, she elects a natural element, such as an apple or – in the Brazilian case – a lime to represent its own colour. In this sense, the fruit is not anymore a fruit but starts being a colour, which the artist goes searching in the world. The moment when she finds the exact colour of the lime in the paint colour chart, is the exact moment in which she finds the lime outside itself. This moment of surprise is experienced in the show when one, looking at the limes, sees the tones of yellow and not the limes anymore, and looking at the table, sees the limes and not the tones of yellow.

Julia Spínola (*1979, Madrid) lives and works in Madrid. Among the exhibitions in which she presented her works are: the solo show Stiff Hip Gait, Galeria Komplot (2015), Brussels; XXI Itinerarios, Sala de exposiciones de la Fundación Botin (2015), Santander; 9a Biennal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol, Centre d’Art La Panera (2015), Lleida; the solo show Uno zurdo y uno diestro y uno zurdo y uno diestro, Galería Heinrich Ehrhardt (2014), Retroalimentación, Sala Arte Joven (2014), Sin motivo aparente (Out of the Blue), CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (2013), Generaciones 2013, La Casa Encendida (2013), all in Madrid; the solo show The drum in the mouth, Tatjana Pieters Gallery (2013), Gent; Resonance and repetition, EFA Project Space (2012), New York. Among the awards she has received are: Beca Artes Plásticas Fundación Botín 2013 – 2014; Premio El Ojo Crítico, Radio Nacional España (2013); Premio Generaciones 2013, Obra Social Caja Madrid.



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