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«alegria, uma invenção» collective show at Central Galería, São Paulo, Brazil

Curated by Patricia Wagner
12.02.2022 – 26.03.2022

Central Galeria is pleased to present alegria, uma invenção (joy, a fabrication), a group exhibition  curated by Patricia Wagner that devises a reflection upon the legacy of Brazilian modernism  regarding Semana de 1922’s 100th anniversary as its milestone. Stemming from the idea that  both the event and its outcomes have contributed to the fabrication of fictional narratives to match  the modernist agenda for the construction of a national identity, the curatorship aims to discuss  the profiling of Brazilian people as “joyful” within a storyline that gained momentum in the 1920s  cultural context and was then disseminated into common sense. 

The exhibition takes up all three floors of the venue – the gallery, in the underground, and also  IABsp’s first floor and mezzanine – gathering works by Antonio Manuel, AVAF, Camile Sproesser,  Carmézia Emiliano, Cícero Dias, #ColeraAlegria, Felipe Cohen, Gustavo Torrezan, Guy  Veloso, Lourival Cuquinha & Luciana Magno, Manauara Clandestina, Mano Penalva, Marcos  Bonisson, Nilda Neves, OPAVIVARÁ!, Randolpho Lamonier, Santarosa Barreto, Thiago  Honório, Vivian Caccuri & Gustavo Von Ha and Yhuri Cruz. 

“Although sadness has always been part of our fine art lexicon, this rendering of ‘friendly, playful  and joyful people’ has prevailed,” states the curator. “However, the contrived way advertisement  has conducted the dissemination of a monolithic vision about carnival, samba and traditional  festivities has caused the reinforcement of exoticizing narratives that create stereotypes. (…) the  exhibition alegria, uma invenção presents artworks that reaffirm joy in all its complexity. Among the  possibilities of creating and fabricating worlds for which art allows, the show focuses on joy as a  collective asset. As a vital power in its many modes of existence, whether in its most prosaic or in  its revolutionary layout, creating and reinventing itself completely on a daily basis. The show thus  gathers artworks whose expressions embrace the political-affective-inventive multiplicity of joy as  a development of the power of being.” 



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