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Action/Abstraction Redefined

IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
28 de julio de 2017 – 7 de julio de 2019

Action/Abstraction Redefined features paintings, sculptures and works on paper from the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) permanent collection created in the 1960s and 1970s. The artists in this exhibition challenged stereotypical expectations of Indian art by experimenting with American modern art movements such as Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, and Hard-edge Painting combined with art influences from their own art traditions. George Morrison (Chippewa) created abstract expressionist paintings and associated with Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Philip Guston, Hans Hofmann, Franz Kline, and other famous New York painters of the time. Morrison, John Hoover (Aleut), Edna Massey (Cherokee), and others redefined the concept of abstraction by creating works informed by their own traditional aesthetics combined with art influences coming out of New York and California. Among the artists included in this exhibition are George Morrison (Chippewa); Lloyd Kiva New (Cherokee); T.C. Cannon (Caddo/Kiowa); Fritz Scholder (Mission/Luiseno); Linda Lomahaftewa (Hopi/Choctaw); Earl Eder (Yanktonai Sioux); Neil Parsons (Blackfeet); Kevin Red Star (Crow); Redstar Price (Crow); Peter Jones (Onondaga); George Burdeau (Blackfeet); Ralph Aragon (San Felipe/Acoma Pueblos); Henry Hank Gobin (Tulalip/Snohomish); Alice Loiselle (Chippewa); Patrick Swazo Hinds (Tesuque Pueblo); Carl Tubby (Choctaw), and others.


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