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Licenciado presenta "HyperTale" de Lucas Lugarinho.

Ciudad de México, México
Hasta el 27 de marzo, 2020

Tabasco 216, Roma Nte.,
06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX
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<!–The most recent paintings by Lucas Lugarinho describe the shape or state of the communication area between the ecosystem of images and us.
His paintings revisit <the light>, a historical theme of painting itself, and considering the sources that currently issue it, he proposes it as a formal reasoning axis for the future.–>
//Light lives because there is no life without light.
//Life makes light.
//See HyperTale === play HyperTale.
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<!—The life of images occupies space.
An <ecology of images> poses as a paradox
that even that which does not have a body occupies space.
Not the virtual space in which the user is immersed in the illusion
that he controls the images that appear, rather more, a space in its meaning of resource.
Ecologically speaking, where are those images coming from
and going to according to the will of the 4G network?
An ecology supposes a principle of the ecological evolution of its elements, and its development and growth have as its goal transformation;
This implies a conflict within the development and growth of a
principle of economic evolution, which goal is accumulation.
The two cannot overlap.–>
<div class= “hyperTale” type= “Game”><div>
<!—Painting is an algorithm.  It sets rules and conditions of execution and runs the image engine.
Lugarinho articulates a game in which the player is required to rethink their relationship with the images; he confronts us with an existential task for humanity in face of the budding decade: the re-connection with the vital system of everything we see through them.–>
<div class= ”stalkerChar” type= “Magician”><div>
<!—When aliens visit Earth and have picnics they seem like us
for they also produce and abandon garbage.
In capitalism after extraterrestrial picnics, the stalker is a new type of worker whose power comes from mining in radioactive trash a type of image that is more valuable than bitcoin: the promise-image.–>

–Tlahuac M. 2020

El HyperCuento es una propuesta pictórica para un videojuego imaginario en donde usuarios e imágenes se vuelven uno en búsqueda de una ecología que transcienda la espiral de consumo en la cual estamos actualmente atrapados. Es una ficción sobre esperanza y libertad que resume el anhelo de la humanidad.


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