Release of Black Star. A Retro-prospective of the Work of Eugenia Martínez and Other Women

Release of Black Star. A retroprospective review of the work of Eugenia Martínez and other women in Feria Material no. 9.

Black Star is an anthological publication of the work of artist Eugenia Martínez (Monterrey, Mexico, 1976). The book compiles 20 years of her production and is the first editorial exercise that carries out a critical retroprospective review of her work. In the catalog of Temblores Publicaciones and in the general panorama of Mexican contemporary art, this monograph opens a space for intersectional reflections on some of the most relevant topics of contemporary thought: feminisms, the struggle against gender-based violence, the problem of representation in relation to the concepts of class, race and gender, among others.

Martinez’s work alerts us to a multiplicity of relationships between art and feminisms, so rather than a catalog raisonné with pretensions of consecration, Negra estrella is a bid for sorority, a constellation of women’s voices and feminized bodies that are responsible for relating their own work with that of the artist from Monterrey. There are discourses from art history, such as those of Karen Cordero and Mariana Rubio; from feminist activism, such as those of artist and territorial defender Mariana García, photographer and archivist Ana Victoria Jiménez, or anthropologist and curator Ariadna Ramonetti; there are also exercises in literary fiction and creative writing, such as those of Clyo Mendoza, Tonatiuh López and Mirna Roldán; as well as records of conversations held between the artist and other women artists. Together, these voices articulate the general keys not only for the reading of Martínez’s work, but also of the historical, political, social and artistic context that surrounds her.

The presentation of Black Star at the Feria Material is the official launch of this publication. Two of the authors, Mariana Garcia, activist for the defense of territory and the freedoms of women from the peripheries, and Clyo Mendoza, writer and poet from Oaxaca, author of Furia (Almadía, 2021), will be present to talk about their contributions, their work and their connections with that of the artist, in addition to addressing in general the evolution of the work of women creators and their relationship with the struggles that are being waged in the social and political spheres. Eugenia Martínez will also be present, who, in addition to participating in the conversation, will give a performative reading with the piece El tarot de Marsella para despatriarcalizar la fortuna (The Tarot of Marseilles to depatriarchalize fortune). Tonatiuh López, editorial coordinator of the project, will moderate the event.

With Eugenia Martínez, Clyo Mendoza and Mariana García
Moderates Tonatiuh López
Sunday February 12, 16 hrs
Feria Material vol. 9, Expo Reforma


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