todo-mundo art book fair Open Call 2023

Temblores Publicaciones, Terremoto’s publishing house, is launching an open call for publishing projects to apply for the first edition of the todo-mundo art book fair, to be held within the framework of MATERIAL ART FAIR at Expo Reforma, Mexico City, from February 9 to 12, 2023.

todo-mundo art book fair 2023
call 001: eyes gone wild

in the craft of making books, a series of constant intrigues flash about why we do what we do and where its agency lies. the devices of print seem, at times, not to be compatible with the rhythms under which artistic systems operate. publishing as a practice in process allows us to speculate on those spaces of defense that allow for the circulation of radical imaginations whose space-time is gradually disavowed. however, what of what we do, how and with whom we do it, reproduces practices of exclusion? if publishing is that space in the middle within art systems, how do we burst the bubble?

in a present where everything is out of itself, where the contexts that cross us make futures slip through our fingers, our tired bodies have an eye here, and the other one there. what is it that is (not) in sight? todo-mundo comes from a search for the blind spots and commonplaces that reside in the act of publishing as a political practice. those blind spots that, in their latency, allow us to elucidate the colonial traces with which we carry on and that have repercussions in our publishing practice. those common places that, in their cadence, allow us to embrace the uncertain, so that in the cracks of difference we can yield to the other and make our poetics converge.

thus, why make another art book fair? who do these spaces serve and who are left out? what does it imply for it to happen in the framework of an art fair in a metropolis belonging to the legitimized circuits of the market? how can we reimagine the editorial spaces to review and mediate the exercises of power perpetuated by the center? todo-mundo arises from a fervent desire to think of this questions along with the art book fair as a space for encounter, exchange and collaboration: where relationships, inspirations and intrigues effervesce in community. in this first issue, we invite the agents around the book to look for the ruptures in our work to imagine, at least for an instant, a space beyond our bubble, not to remain with our arms crossed and to put into dialogue other ways of establishing ties and activating the life charged in the printed matter.

this initiative stems from the desire of Temblores Publicaciones—publishing house launched in 2017 by Terremoto magazine—to stimulate editorial spaces for dialogue around artistic practices in the Americas, their agents and the bridges built between them.

To apply, fill out the application form in this link. The call will be open from November 26th to Januarty 4th, 2022. The results of the selected exhibitors will be communicated no later than January 9, 2023. todo-mundo will be held within the framework of Material Art Fair at Expo Reforma, from February 9 to 12, 2023. todo-mundo is an initiative of Temblores Publicaciones.


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