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Mastur Bar

SOLO SHOWS, São Paulo, Brazil
27 de junio de 2015 – 1 de agosto de 2015




SOLO SHOWS is pleased to present Mastur Bar, the first solo show of Fabiana Faleiros in São Paulo.

The pleasure generated by the masturbating hand is a threat to the organization of reproduction as sexual labor. Since the eighteenth century the hand has been repressed and disciplined through a series of technologies such as the chastity belt, the invention of hysteria, the orgasm as illness, electric shocks and other appliances that prevented the hand to touch one’s own body. For the female body, considered a machine that re-produces, the clitoris has no function and the hand must not reach it. During a lecture performance at the Mastur Bar exhibition opening, Faleiros presents the “wrist that drops” as a performative gesture that takes on the historically constructed feminine body. Here the “wrist that drops” is considered a historical residue: it remains even in the hand that vibrates, it consumes and produces through the touchscreen, the predominant technology employed in contemporary capitalism. In addition to drinks and objects, Mastur Bar offers things to do with your hands and techniques to establish a connection with yourself. A schedule of events is part of the exhibition, and will be released throughout the show.

Fabiana Faleiros (*1980) lives between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. She is a doctoral student in the arts program at UERJ and ‘Lady Incentivo’, whose album ‘Lady Incentivo: New ways to make love and to make CDs’ was recorded at Mobile Radio BSP, during the 30th Bienal de São Paulo. Her research focuses on the voice as gender performativity through music, performance and text. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Canções de Amor’, Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo; “Brazil: Art and Music’, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw; ‘Corpos Insurgentes’ SESC Vila Mariana, São Paulo; ‘Outras coisas visíveis sobre papel’, Galeria Leme, São Paulo; ‘Camp / Anticamp: a queer guide for everyday life’ (with Rafael RG), HAU Theater, Berlin and ‘Gold’ (with Rafael RG) at W139, Amsterdam; solo exhibitions include ‘Military Police Museum’, Joaquim Nabuco Foundation, Recife; ‘Festa Própria’ (JACA, Belo Horizonte (with Olga Robayo and Vitor Faleiros); ‘Libertad A La Orden’ El Parche, Bogota (with Rafael RG). Future projects include a book of poems ‘Lady Incentivo’ (Hedra Publishers) and the publication ‘A luz que vem de dentro’ (Ikrek Editions), both scheduled for release during 2015.

Fotografía: Edouard Fraipont & Tobi Maier


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