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Duen Sacchi is the Guest Editor/Curator for the Period 2021 – 2022

We are delighted to announce that Duen Sacchi will be the guest editor/curator for the 2021 – 2022 period.

We thank the more than 40 people who sent their applications for the first call for Guest Editor/Curatorinvited for the 2021 – 2022 period. After reviewing all the proposals received, four people were finalists: Joyce Delfim (BR), Diego Armando Ventura Puac ( GT), Sofía Villena Araya (CR), and Duen Sacchi (ARG). After interviewing the finalists, Terremoto’s team chose Duen Sacchi.

Originally from Aguaray, Gran Chaco—Salta, Argentina, Duen Sacchi is a visual artist, researcher and writer, guaxu–trans. He is part of the artistic team Río Paraná (Sacchi-De Santo) which recently held the exhibition La pisada del Ñandú (La Virreina, Barcelona, ​​2021). His book, Ficciones Patógenas, was published in Spain (Brumaria, 2018) and Argentina (Rara Avis, 2019). He has been Professor and tutor at PEI- MACBA, Barcelona (2018) and professor at P.O.P.S. Matadero, Madrid (2019). Likewise, he has developed actions, residencies and presentations of his work in La Virreina (Barcelona), Tabakalera (Donostia), Matadero (Madrid), MACBA (Barcelona), La Ene (Buenos Aires), among others.

Duen’s work focuses on the relationship between fiction, document, and trans-corporeity from an anti-colonial perspective. With the aim of nurturing the editorial lines of Terremoto, during the following year, Duen will be sharing with our editor, Diego del Valle Ríos, based on his proposal The Lizards’ Gaze, a process of questioning and researching for the radical decentration of the colonial western human gaze. Is it possible that Abya Yala’s material practices form a singular formal plot that challenges the ceremonies of colonial Western art? If so, how to account for the forgotten, the inaudible, the multiple? Can we give ourselves an “art scene” that allows us to recognize ourselves in the multiple aesthetic worlds that we share in ouramerica? These, more than questions, are some of the dreams to come.

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