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"Más allá del más afuera" – Final edition of Culturas Disidentes presented by the Centro Cultural de España en México

From December 9 to 11, 2021
10 hrs
Online Program

Centro Cultural de España en México
República de Guatemala 18,
Centro Histórico, 06000 Ciudad de México

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The program Culturas Disidentes comes to an end after 6 years of exhibitions, activities, interventions and other actions that have analyzed and reflected on dissidence. In this last virtual edition we approach dissidence critically, inviting the participants to rethink and question dissident dynamics from multiple approaches.

In recent decades, much of dissident thinking and positioning–opposing normative regimes of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, culture and ability, to name a few–has been co-opted by hegemonic culture and capital, while others have stagnated in their own rhetoric. Although, with few exceptions, this integration has been epidermal and pasteurized, it has managed to radically transform the landscape of dissent and forces us to rethink and rethink ourselves. We have reached a point where it is no longer just the action of questioning normativity versus non-normativity, but rather of seeing what internal problems exist in the various dissidences and how they can oppress each other.

It is clear that a universal world in which we all have a place without overlapping will not be possible and becomes utopian. Therefore, we want to propose a self-criticism, a look inside, so that we are able to assess our limits and the oppressions that we exercise consciously or unconsciously. What are the frictions and conflicts that occur within and outside our dissident groups and collectives today? What practices of difference, normativity, exclusion and violence are we (re)producing within, from and in the name of dissidence? Towards whom and why? How can we dismantle them and build bridges that recognize and establish connections between the different dissidences?

The 3 days will be presented live on our YouTube channel and the rest of the complementary projects that will be presented during the festival, can be enjoyed on the website of Border Agencia de Activismo and the Centro Cultural de España en México.

This project is the result of a collaboration with Border Agencia de Activismo, Mutua and La Tullida Gallery. 

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