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Mónica Heller to represent Argentina at the Venice Biennale 2022

Un paisaje que no es un paisaje
Visits until December 18, 2021 and from January 20 to February 19, 2022.
Avenida Rivadavia 2625 Piso 4
Buenos Aires, AR CP 1034

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PIEDRAS Gallery (Buenos Aires) is pleased to announce Mónica Heller as the artist chosen to represent Argentina at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022. Her proposal has been selected among more than 30 preliminary projects submitted in an open competition through the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For the first time, a video installation will occupy the Argentine Pavilion. The fantastic universe proposed by the artist is displayed through 15 modules of 3D animations distributed throughout the space. The proposal is curated by Alejo Ponce de León, who emphasizes the “uncompromising nature of Heller’s work and ideas”. According to the curator, “Heller is like a bee flying closely to modern programs, to the avant-garde. Her’s is not an art of culture. Nor is it an art of politics. This oppositionism is a persistent feature of certain artistic-literary projects of the Argentine tradition, with which she has much to do. The commonplaces of discursive contemporaneity could not matter less to her and that is precisely why she can offer radical solutions to the contemporary problem of the artistic image”.

Mónica Heller (b. 1975, Buenos Aires) has focused her practice of the last 15 years on video, mainly in the development of complex 2D and 3D animations in which she deploys dense narratives, mediated by anthropomorphic characters and objects placed in relation to the surrounding symbolic world.

Un paisaje que no es un paisaje [A landscape that is not a landscape] is Heller’s third solo exhibition at PIEDRAS gallery and consists of a group of 25 paintings made between 2019 and 2021, along with 3D and 2D animation videos. The paintings and animations laterally surround a certain idea of an extensible landscape: a traversable landscape, scenes that expand and grow. Outdoor, indoor, imaginary, artificial and digital landscapes. The exhibition can be visited until December 18, 2021 and from January 20 to February 19, 2022.

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