Cranial Relic: Eleven Artifacts on Extinction and Survival since 1,5M Years

Amidst the ongoing pandemic in Indonesia, artists Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina deepen their relations with fear by utilizing gravitation and eleven artifacts collected over the last six years.

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  1. This is an Indonesian plesetan (wordplay) punning on a popular and romantic sobriquet for the Indonesian archipelago (untaian batu zamrud di khatulistiwa ora “string of pearls along the equator”). Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina revise this sobriquet to become Jambret di Kapitalistiwa— “the bag-snatchers of capitalism” where the bag-snatchers refer to the Indonesian economic and political oligarchy who pillage their own people and ravage the country they romanticize with such nationalistic fervor.


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