Costa Rica, 1999


[Miguel A. López, Lola Malavasi, Daniela Morales Lisac, Kevin Pérez, Paula Piedra y Viviana Zúñiga]

TEOR/éTica is an independent, private, non-profit, located in San José, Costa Rica. Both its name and its raison d’etre imply theory, aesthetics and ethics. Throughout the years, TEOR/éTica has been consolidated as one of the most dynamic and propositive cultural projects in Latin America. It is internationally renowned for its role in the development of artistic practices in Central America, and for propitiating new ways of thinking and thinking ourselves from a critical stance. This project operates as a platform for research and diffusion of contemporary artistic practices, with an emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean. From its creation, up until the present, a large array of agents have participated in TEOR/éTica’s construction, permeating it with their interests and particular practices. This has contributed to generate a dynamic organization, interested in looking at and questioning the place from where it operates.

What we do – We aim to be an agent for spaces of doubt, questions, debates and the generation of thought, pertinent to the region. We have developed diverse strategies, taking art as the common space from where to generate study, to look for other ways of being together to learn and build in a collective way. We simultaneously work along several lines that intersect and complement each other. This to procure spaces – both symbolic and physical –  of encounter and conversation, on contemporary artistic practices, in dialogue with social and political realities.

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