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#74: TEOR/ética Lado V

Through this section, monthly, we invite agents of the artistic system to share a selection of images related to their practice or current interests. Images are published daily in the header of our website and shared through our Instagram profile. At the end of the month, the complete selection of images is published together with a text that contextualizes them. Here is the selection of September 2021.

Compartir una tormenta–Memory of the Study Room 2020-2021

Participants: Paula Díaz Solano, Luis Durán, Juliette Fonseca, Dayana Gamboa Vargas, Anna Matteucci Wo Ching, Adriana Mora Norori, Fabiola Palacios Murillo and Emmanuel Rodríguez Chaves

With the collaboration of Daniel Godínez

Compartir una Tormenta [Sharing a Storm] is an attempt to document an experience of the Study Room 2020-2021, one of the activation projects of the archive and the library of Lado V, the Study, and Documentation Center of TEOR/ética (San José, Costa Rica). The intention of this project was to work on experimental strategies that would allow us to think of other ways of understanding the notions of researching and to study the foundation’s collection of documents and books. For 2020, the project convened a group of eight people from different artistic practices (visual arts, writing, anthropology, social work, art history…), in order to build, in a collaborative manner, several approaches or explorations around everyday memories and the action of archiving in a time of crisis. These initial approaches, unintentionally, ended up coinciding with the global health emergency that we all know, which not only made us move as a group to the virtual realm, but also caused the project to become, over the weeks of confinement and quarantine, a place to reflect on the experiences we are going through and, moreover, to accompany us through them.

We can say that the fourth Study Room was slowly losing its original form as it progressed. Without a defined path, the dynamic embodied diverse qualities throughout the months, leading us to form one conversation to another without understanding what we are going to do with all the ideas, words, and references presented by everyone. 

This might explain the disjointed and chaotic publication that we ended up with and that we share here with you, but it can also be seen as one of the many ways in which we can approach the definition of an archive: an accumulation of experiences captured in many different formats which come from many voices that do not always have to be homogeneous or rooted. With these images, texts, audios, and screenshots, we have learned to retain the experience of the Room to make it public to other people that want to give it continuity from their own readings and concerns. Therefore, we would like to think that Compartir una tormenta is at the same time an editorial exercise and a tool, a memory and an extension of the explorations on the ideas that we thought together during the group sessions of the project. In some way, we would also like this memory to become echo and be activated by those who wish to replicate part of the exercises contained in it, either from group dynamics or as possible methods to rethink the ideas of archives and the acts of documenting personal or collective experiences in any imaginable context.

Viviana Zúñiga y Kevin Pérez. Archivo y Biblioteca – Lado V Centro de Estudio y Documentación TEOR/éTica 


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