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¡Do not miss the Modern Nature Opening Festival at La Becque, Switzerland!

La Mecque | Artist Residency, Switzerland
13 de septiembre de 2019 – 16 de septiembre de 2019

Modern Nature
An Homage to Derek Jarman, part one

September 13 – 16, 2019

La Becque | Artist Residency
Chemin de la Becque 1,
1814 La Tour-de-Peilz,

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La Becque
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In Summer 2019, La Becque | Artist Residency, located in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland, started developing a garden and artistic program inspired by the work and life of filmmaker, artist and writer Derek Jarman (31 January, 1942 – 19 February, 1994). Along with numerous feature and short films, paintings, sculptures, diaries and essays, Jarman left behind an extraordinary garden that he developed around his cottage, on the southeastern English coast of Kent, until his death in 1994. Despite the adverse coastal conditions (rough shingle beaches, constant biting wind and sea mist), Jarman’s garden flourished. Since its inception in 1986, the place has become an acclaimed “total” work of art, visited by many among Jarman’s admirers and friends, during his lifetime and after.

Curated by Elise Lammer, Modern Nature includes the development of a garden composed of local and native species integrated into the pristine lakeside spaces of La Becque, the commissioning of site-specific artworks as well as thematic film screenings, performances and music events. Taking its name from Derek Jarman’s second volume of diaries, which dedicates the majority of its pages to the Dungeness garden, Modern Nature takes on and expands upon the driving themes of La Becque, an artist residency dedicated to exploring the relationship between nature, the environment and technology through the arts.

The first part of the project opens to the public with a three-day festival and open air exhibition taking place inside the freshly blooming garden, from 13 to 16 September, 2019. This first iteration of the project features performative and sculptural interventions, talks, film screenings and musical performances from a range of international and Swiss artists, some closely associated to Derek Jarman, some newcomers to his work: Adrien Chevalley, Karim Crippa, Chelsea Culprit, Audrey Danza, Ecar, Marie Griesmar, Julie Monot, Garrett Nelson, Florence Peake and Eve Stainton, Prem Sahib, Simon Fisher Turner, Marius Valente / Rhinoplasty, and Judith Vrancken.

In partnership with several local and international art institutions, the Modern Natureproject will develop for at least a year with a series of artistic events and contributions echoing the work of residents at La Becque, while responding to the body of research developing around Derek Jarman.

All events, both those taking place at La Becque itself and those co-produced with external partner institutions, are open to the public at large.


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