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Hello People / Privet Lyudi

Green Tea Gallery / Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles, California, USA
20 de julio de 2014 – 23 de agosto de 2014

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Hello People.

Recordings of sustained trumpet tones reverberate the walls. A mechanical object, made up of valves, tubes and horns, merges two existences’. Engines powered by human breath. The emission of the most pure tones are corrupted by inherent human irregularity.

Hello people are benign ghosts. Unwilling to conform to the policies of utter chaos and anarchic brutality of the HFD, they are exiles in our world. A handful, able to slip through the egress unnoticed, are now invisible occupants of the underbelly, and hidden corners of the earth.

Upon completion, every phrase is immediately played back in obversion, depicting the threshold moment where our reality meets its immaterial twin: the shadow path, a palindromic sound image. Perception is inverted, leading back to that point of crossing, the threshold between two worlds.

The ideal gateway for Hello People’s effortless inter-dimensional traversal is the welcome mat. A surface that greets the visitor at the site of first-encounters, the welcome mat is an invitation to enter our interior from their exterior.

The recapitulation of this sequence is normalized through repetition. The completion of a cyclic ascension. Ordinary things become supernaturalized over and over again, resetting the standard by which the new ordinary is measured.

Encountered daily, these vessels are so unremarkable, they practically go unnoticed. Through the infusion of poisonous activities and materials, they are activated into supernatural talisman. Paper cups become bells for ghosts. Welcome mats become thresh- olds. Trumpet music is electronically processed into sonic shadows.

Killer elixir.



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