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Terremoto is Hiring a Guest Editor & Curator!

Apply before August 20, 2021 before midnight CST

Job Specifics:

  • Part-time (approx. 2 full days a week with a 4-week vacation)
  • Period of 10 months (October 2021- July 2022)
  • Home office position. Candidates must be based in “the Americas” (Latin America, United States, Canada, the Caribbean). 
  • Honorarium of 120,000 Mexican Pesos will be transferred in 3 installments over the full course of the contract. This amount includes IVA for candidates based in Mexico.
  • Applicants must be fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Knowledge of Portuguese is appreciated, although not required.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the field of contemporary art are required.
  • Available for international travel (valid passport required).
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, knowledge of Adobe Suite (Photoshop/InDesign) is a plus. 

*A fully funded, 2 to a 3-week trip to Mexico City in February 2022 during art fair week is among the mandatory requirements, in order to participate in the launch of the first commissioned issue of Terremoto of the year, establish or strengthen a network within the Mexico City art scene and work in person with the team on the organization’s pending projects. Said trip will be subject to the restrictions and precautions to be considered due to the pandemic, as well as the migratory possibilities of the selected person.

*Applicants must be available for some extra funded, international work trips that might come up in the framework of the position’s responsibilities. Said trips will be subject to the restrictions and precautions to be considered due to the pandemic, as well as the migratory possibilities of the selected person.

Job description:

In order to consolidate its team and structure in the wake of upcoming challenges within the art world of “the Americas” for the year 2022, Terremoto is looking for an emerging or mid-career art curator or editor with relevant writing, publishing, project management, and fundraising experience, to act as its Guest Editor & Curator for 2022. 

The Guest Editor & Curator will work closely with Terremoto’s team in order to:

1 – Co-commission content for the magazine’s print and online platforms

2 – Support existing curatorial programs of the organization, such as La Postal, and help conceive new ones in a collaborative fashion

3 – Participate in the organization’s fundraising and development strategies, through new ideas, methodologies and a personal network of contacts


1 – The Guest Editor & Curator will thus be involved in the commissioning of content for the following formats:


  • Co-conceive the 3 quarterly print issues of Terremoto for 2022: in close collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, make thematic propositions for the issues, and co-commission their contents. The Guest Editor & Curator will not be responsible for the actual production process of the issue. 
  • Participate in the organization of virtual and in-person launch events for every new issue.
  • Contribute to design and broaden distribution and communication strategies with the team, including participation in international art fairs.


  • Work alongside the Editor-in-Chief on the commissioning of content for the following sections: Marginalia, Reviews, Reports, Projector, Opinion (approx. 15 articles/posts for the whole period). The Guest Editor & Curator will not be responsible for the actual production of the articles.
  • Suggest relevant exhibitions at established and emerging venues for the Blog section.

2 – The Guest Editor & Curator will be participating in Terremoto’s ongoing and upcoming curatorial programs, in close collaboration with Terremoto’s team in the following way:

  • Conceive and coordinate La Postal, Terremoto’s open call-based curatorial program dedicated to the archival medium, for the year 2022. Specific tasks include: setting up the conceptual scheme for the 2022 edition of the program, reinforcing the funding strategy for its making, coordinating the open call successfully, and supervising at distance the production of the program and its communication locally and internationally. More info about La Postal is here.
  • Collaborate in further curatorial programs as they organically arise within the organization. Please note that artist-in-residence and pedagogical programs are a field of interest for possibilities to be proposed. Additional honoraria will be considered for this position in the eventuality that these further projects consolidate.

3 – The Guest Editor & Curator, through their preexisting network in the art world, and in close collaboration with Terremoto’s team, will participate in the structuration and brainstorming regarding the overall fundraising strategy of the organization by:

  • Broadening the scope of advertising prospects in collaboration with the Outreach and Sales Coordinator of the magazine
  • Activate their network of artists, advisors, and collectors in the framework of Terremoto’s yearly Benefit Art Auction to be held in mid-March 2022 in collaboration with the Associate Director of Development.
  • Overall, help broaden the organization’s spectrum of allies and partners in order to consolidate and widen audiences throughout the Americas and beyond.

The Guest Editor & Curator is expected to participate in a number of Zoom meetings per week in order to organize the workflow alongside Terremoto’s team members. They will mostly work by email and on the workflow platform Monday. WhatsApp availability will occasionally be required, although limited. The 2-days-a-week requirement is progressively left to the discretion of the Guest Editor & Curator as long as goals are successfully completed in a timely manner. The Guest Editor & Curator is sought out to define, alongside the Terremoto team, a remote work dynamic in the most effective and respectful way, respecting the challenges posed by time difference if need be, as well as workload and lifelines.

Profile description:

The Guest Editor & Curator is a dedicated art professional, based in the Americas, and willing to bring fresh insights and share networks with Terremoto in order to contribute to the platform’s scope in terms of relevant ideas and practices within visual arts in the continent today. They are curious and open-minded and understand that a trans/feminist, anti-patriarchal and decolonial approach to art is not a theme of work, but rather a methodology that lays the ground for deciphering the present, imagining radical futures, and writing fair, collective histories of the past. They are thus strongly imaginative, well-organized, savvy about networking, and willing to work collectively. They are willing to learn together, adapt to existing methodologies of the organization, and help implement new ones. 

About the organization:

Terremoto is a cultural platform dedicated to critical thinking around contemporary art in “the Americas” with an editorial focus stemming from anti-patriarchal and anti-colonial knowledge that encourages artistic and curatorial practices.

Terremoto emerged in 2013 in Mexico City as a blog. As of 2015, it becomes a magazine that publishes original content which exists digitally since Issue 1, and on print from Issue 4 onwards. The bilingual, free magazine is published three times a year with free distribution of 3,000 copies in more than 15 countries in the hemisphere and beyond. Each issue deals with a specific topic, offering a cross-sectional point of view on current artistic practices, curatorial discourses, and their relationship with the region’s socio-cultural issues through critical thinking. Original contributions are published online in English and Spanish on a weekly and freely accessible basis. In addition to the magazine, Terremoto has diversified other branches of activity, audiences, and outreach channels, namely through our archive-based exhibition program La Postal, or interdisciplinary projects such as artist-in-residence programs, artist editions, public programs, among other initiatives that extend throughout “the Americas.”

Since 2019, Terremoto operates through a Mexican not-fot-profit Civil Association: Asociación Terremoto.

How to apply:

Please send us the following elements to guest2022@terremoto.mx before Friday, August 20 at midnight (CST). All documents must be properly labeled as indicated, uploaded in PDF format, and not weigh over 2MB each:

  • Resume with hyperlinks to significant curatorial, editorial, and writing projects. Label: LASTNAME_Resume.pdf
  • Cover letter (2 pages maximum): Please describe previous achievements, your interest in Terremoto, and how you think you can contribute to its creative and structural development. Label: LASTNAME_Letter.pdf
  • A constructive critique of the editorial lines of Terremoto from which a vision of the content that you could contribute to the magazine is offered + a paragraph about La Postal, and how your past curatorial experience might inform you reshaping the program (2 pages maximum) +  Label: LASTNAME_Issues.pdf
  • 3 writing samples of recent texts (these can be published or unpublished articles as well as curatorial texts or any type of writing): please insert all samples in a single PDF document. Label: LASTNAME_Samples.pdf

Please note that applications that do not follow the aforementioned requirements in format, weight, and labeling, or are sent past the deadline, will not be considered.

We encourage applicants from non-hegemonic backgrounds in terms of skin color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and physical condition.

On Monday, August 30, 2021, 3 selected applicants will be invited for an individual interview to take place during the week of September 6 on Zoom.

The successful Guest Editor & Curator candidate will be announced on September 16, 2021, through a public announcement on Terremoto’s website and social media. The Guest Editor & Curator will start working remotely from October 1, 2021, onwards. 

If you have any questions, please write to guest2022@terremoto.mx


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