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We are very excited to present Agítese antes de usar. Proximidad y reciprocidad en las prácticas artísticas/educativas [Shake before use. Proximity and reciprocity in artistic/educational practices] as part of our catalog, making room in Temblores for theory books that allow us to raise questions about our artistic practice from the Americas.

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This powerful title is a publication edited by Renata Cervetto, Macarena Hernández and Miguel A. López, as a continuation of the 2016 publication edited in collaboration with MALBA and TEOR/ética. This new volume proposes to investigate interpersonal relationships, the more-than-human bonds and the forms of knowledge that these affective encounters activate and their different ways of understanding the pedagogical from the artistic. From closeness and complicity, new ways of meaning and belonging are generated that challenge traditional ideas about where knowledge is located and how learning processes occur.

Together with authors Laura Anderson Barbata, Miriam Barrón, Damián Cabrera, Caput, Lia Colombino, Numa Dávila, Elvira Espejo Ayca, Éricka Flórez, Elaine Fontana, Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, Maya Juracán, Graziela Kunsch, laagencia, LaRuidosaOficina, Lola Malavasi Lachner, Daniela Ortiz, Luis Romero, Cecilia Vicuña, Santiago Villanueva, Marlene Wayar and Aisel Wicab, the collection of essays and interviews in this volume reflects on the potential of ties and their capacity to energize the social fabric, activate a reciprocal dialogue with the environment and promote actions that allow liberation from an affirmative and communitarian sense.

Take a look at the specifications of this book:

  • Binding: softcover
  • Language: Spanish
  • Pages: 198
  • Size: 17 x 24 cm
  • Printed in one ink
  • Design: Proyectos ninguém

With your generous contribution we will conclude the production of the book—which is almost ready—and we will ensure its distribution in all points of our international network, as well as a couple of launching presentations. At the same time, you are supporting the start of our new theory collection and getting this amazing book before anyone else, as well as the possibility of completing your Temblores Publicaciones book collection with some of our best titles.

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About Temblores Publicaciones

Based on thought situated in the Americas, Temblores Publicaciones is an independent publishing house based in Mexico City since 2017. We are interested in enabling editorial spaces that activate critical dialogues around contemporary aesthetic practices that unfold throughout these territories.

We think of the book as a tool that expands the artistic endeavor; as a support where object and content stimulate radical imaginations around other histories of art.


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