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ArtReview’s November issue is out now!

Featuring Sin Wai Kin, Robert Nava’s ‘bad’ paintings and an audiowalk through Bangkok

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ArtReview, founded in 1949 and dedicated to expanding contemporary art’s audience and reach, features a mix of criticism, reviews, previews, opinion, reportage and specially commissioned artworks, offering one of the most established, in-depth and intimate portraits of international contemporary art in all its shapes and forms.

ArtReview’s November issue is all about taste: what makes art good or ‘bad’? Can ‘bad’ art actually be considered… quite good? And given the recent flurry of ‘coffee table’ books published about women artists, why is it so hard to write a feminist history of art? Featuring a cover profile of Turner Prize-nominee Sin Wai Kin, who has been upending gender essentialism via their drag queen personas since the early 2010s; a look at the ‘bad’ paintings of American artist Robert Nava; a discussion between artists Stan Burnside and Tavares Strachan on the responsibility of unlearning a Western art-historical canon via embracing the collaborative ethos of Junkanoo, a Caribbean carnival-style street parade and sacred cultural rite; and a journey through Bangkok, following an audio walk by Orawan Arunrak for Korakrit Arunanondchai’s Ghost 2565 festival.

December beckons, and with it the Power 100, ArtReview’s annual interrogation and analysis of the ever-changing fashions and fortunes in art. Out at the beginning of December, the 21st edition of the Power 100 is all about analysing and revealing why the art we get to see today gets seen, and whether it merits it. This past year has seen travel restrictions relaxed for many people and a new post-COVID world open up. Does this mean a return to how things always were? Or are we witnessing a reset and the start of something new? Will debates about inequality, prejudice and access to social and environmental justice still carry as much weight now that the global artworld has jumped back on its merry-go-round of art fairs and biennials? Have the old centres of artworld power reasserted themselves? And what has the miracle of new technology brought us?

The ArtReview Power 100, coming in the December 2022 issue, is released 1 December on, where you can also find, among much, much else, the latest episode of the ArtReview podcast Subject, Object, Verb, with Matt Marble and Ross Simonini discussing the composer Arthur Russell’s esoteric creations.

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