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AFIELD announces 2022 Fellows

AFIELD welcomes 3 new Fellows to it’s international! network of cultural changemakers : choreographer Analida Galindo (Panama), designer Basel Nasr (Palestine) and architect Yasmeen Lari (Pakistan)

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The AFIELD fellowship takes the form of a $7,000 grant awarded annually to 3 artists and cultural practitioners who have initiated social projects catalyzing change and empowering their communities in long-term and tangible ways.

This year the AFIELD network nominated 24 projects for their contribution to the development of society. 28 members peer-reviewed the applications and collectively elected :

—Contemporary dancer, choreographer, teacher and cultural advocate Analida Galindo, for Enlaces Program, a community based child protection program aimed to create opportunities through dance, access to cultural goods and non-formal education, for 350 children at risk in Santa Ana, Panama.

—Designer, producer and animator Basel Nasr, for masna alrusoom almutaharrikah (Almasna), The Animated Workshop, to encourage collective production practices and motivate young people to acquire animation skills as a powerful tool for storytelling and self expression, in Ramallah, Palestine.

—Celebrated architect and humanitarian Yasmeen Lari, for the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan, an organization working to conserve historic art and architecture while providing large-scale humanitarian aid to local communities across Pakistan.

8 projects are also joining the network and programs as like-minded Peers : Ozhopé Collective (Malawi), Company Drinks (UK), Associação Cavaleiros de São Brás (Portugal), Distributed Web of Care (USA), ArtXaleYi (Senegal), Harvest School (India), Škart Skola (Serbia), and Udeido Collective (Indonesia).

The AFIELD network is now composed of more than 80 members across the world. They are artists, curators, philanthropists, cultural managers and social entrepreneurs, who learn and exchange experiences in solidarity with one another. They include past fellows such as choreographer Lia Rodrigues, photographer Zanele Muholi, visual artist Fernando Garcia Dory, architect Ana Vargas, !ilmmaker Sana N’Hada and a number of advisors, including Pio Abad, Diana Campbell Betancourt, Binna Choi, Walid Raad, Farid Rakun, Pedro Reyes and Chantal Wong to name a few.

AFIELD is a network of cultural changemakers anchored in the fundamental belief that artists are essential to the fabric of society, as thinkers and visionaries. By providing the resources and support, AFIELD believes in their profound capacity to lead transformational change in their communities and society as a whole.


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