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Don't miss the two latest shows at Karen Huber Gallery!

Until January 30th, 2021.
Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 3 pm and 4 to 7 pm

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More information:
Galería Karen Huber
Bucareli 120, Colonia Centro, Cuauhtémoc
06040 Ciudad de México, CDMX
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don’t get 2 close 2 my fantasy is the second edition of Artist Curated Project program (ACP), which started with the intention of fostering a dialogue and exploration around contemporary painting and its problematics. The program gives space to the gallery’s artists to develop exhibitions and to expand the dialogue with new generations and external agents of the scene.

On this occasion, Endy Hupperich has created a show that includes artworks from 16 artists, mostly Mexican or living in Mexico.

Artists: Gwladys Alonzo, Andrew Birk + Jordi Mitjà, Michael Conrads, Enrique Hernández, Lorena Herrera Rashid, Endy Hupperich, Ángela Leyva, Karen Rodríguez, Jerónimo Rüedi, Juan Manuel Salas, Sandra Slim, Akira Toxqui, Roberto Turnbull, Allan Villavicencio, Jessica Wozny.

Endy Hupperich is a German artist living and working in Morelos, Mexico.



Bailando en la oscuridad
Curated by Aurélie Vandewynckele

In conversation with the peculiar context of these past months, Bailando en la oscuridad (Dancing in the dark) reflects upon the relationships existing in the most intimate places of our daily lives: the body and the room. This exhibition brings together five artists whose works survey the plurality of voices inhabiting can take, setting forth the possibility of the room-body, inhabited-body and habitable-body.
Imagining an artificial night, one navigates the interior of this body-place as a condition of creation, its darkness becoming the space and time for the transformation of the real.
From this intimacy, the pursuit of both poetry and emancipation from the pictorial discipline are born, where the supports and techniques favor the accidental and the fragile. In this way, the tensions that exist as a substrate under the works manifest themselves, revealing states of mind and of discord.

Artists: Verónica Bapé, Nicole Chaput, Tahanny Lee Betancourt, Gabriel Rosas Alemán, Alejandra Venegas.

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