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Expanded bodies Strategies from Fiction By Cabello/Carceller y Maria Ptqk

Friday, December 18 2020
7 – 9 pm gmt +1
Free and online (Zoom)

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Cabello/Carceller and María Ptqk will talk about their respective works in relation to the possibilities of fiction as a strategy to expand the definitions of the body and the ways of inhabiting the world. After their talks, a space for debate will be opened where questions, knowledge and ideas about the topics discussed can be shared.

It’s in the possibilities of fiction that one can think of possible realities that did not exist before. Fiction becomes the strategy that encourages multiplying meaning and leaves room for fictional speculation and the invention of myths as a methodology to redefine and enrich a conception of reality. In the work of the artists Cabello/Carceller and the researcher María Ptqk we observe a different approach to fiction. In the case of Cabello/Carceller, resorting to queer theory and aware that the capacity of the power of representation is related to the effectiveness of the power of fiction, they use this strategy to destabilize the binary genre and activate spaces of ambiguity and transience. Maria Ptqk, who specializes in the crossroads between art, feminism and technoscience, resorts to the thought of Donna Hara- way and the relevant role she gives to the construction of myths and the act of naming the world in order to understand and expand it.

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*The conversation will take place in Spanish

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