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The chant of the ephemeral! TRÁMITE reaches its VOLUME 007

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Everything is charming when ideas are conjured. We can be disenchanted a million times but the longing for enchantment always returns. This year we come back with our TOMO 007 held in the City of Querétaro from October 5 to 8, 2023. We are taken aback by  the perception of charm like a freezing ray that paralyzes everything for an instant: an image, a day, a work, a painting suspended on a wall or a conversation of laughter and omens. A tiny stop at the center of the maelstrom of screens and perpetual movement.

What we love about charm are the visions of others and being able to share them, extend ourselves in the materiality of the present and create open spaces to improvise and collect art. We will undergo the unfolding and expansion that we have transfigured during these seven years and for this volume we want to configure ourselves together with our guest artists: Héctor Zamora, Julien Devaux and Ricardo Luévanos; decentralized curators of Adriana Flores, Daniela Franco, Leonardo Ramírez, Irving Domínguez, Malitzin Cortés, Marja Godoy and Yuriko Cortés; spellbinding performances with the SQNX ensemble, Francisco Zúñiga, Jessica Rodríguez and CNDSD, and territorial expansions that will take us through local graphics studies and convergent dialogues.

We want to generate conversations around being present. There is no universal formula for charm, much less for art; However, this year we maintain ourselves as an ephemeral platform and with the intention of intervening in the city we integrate ourselves into the artistic processes of a community enchanted by creation, digitalities, performance, studies, image, language and magical powers.


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