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Presented by Centro Cultural de España en México and Centro Cultural Border

Centro Cultural de España en México
República de Guatemala 18,
Centro Histórico, 06000 Ciudad de México

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The CULTURAS. DISIDENTES program seeks to generate collective conversations around the diverse manifestations that make up dissident culture, understood as all those that occur on the margins, in opposition or as an alternative to hegemonic culture. By hegemonic culture we understand a sum of processes of any kind that make up a system of beliefs that is presented and replicated as the dominant system.

For its final edition, CULTURAS DISIDENTES interrupts the logic that has guided the program since 2015. In an effort to reflect, problematize and dialogue collectively around the systemic crisis caused by the pandemic and what this has shown in terms of systemic failures, we rethink the bases and redirect the resources and infrastructure of the program.

As a first novelty, we propose a questioning of the discourses that have positioned themselves as dissidents in the course of the last decade, but which, in their own vindictive exercise, have been integrated into the official discourse and/or have stagnated in their own rhetoric, essentializing the political and social readings that cross us. As living phenomena, the societies and discourses that affect us demand to be reviewed and reconsidered with even greater urgency in such convulsive historical moments as the present. We would like to invite those interested to join this collective exercise of self-criticism towards what we have enunciated as dissident, as each one conceives it.

As a second novelty, we propose a methodological change in terms of number of projects, formats, deadlines and economic allocations:

The objective of the final edition of CULTURAS DISIDENTES is to select four research and/or production projects that, having been produced during 2020 or under development during the current year, relate to the impact of the systemic crisis provoked by COVID-19 while posing a critical questioning of dissidence. The authors of the project must commit to present their work as of December 2021 without exception and will receive an honorarium of 15,000 mxn for exhibition rights, regardless of the number of people in the work team.

Projects may be related to any creative discipline and format, but must be proposed to be presented and activated online using the virtual platform of the Centro Cultural de España en México. As such, projects in the visual arts, performing arts, audiovisual, literary, design (graphic, editorial, fashion, 3D, interactive, etc.), or other creative disciplines or other creative disciplines that dialogue, intersect or interact with other disciplines of the social, natural, exact sciences and/or humanities. The projects can be understood as works, interventions, collections, series, presentations, actions, seminars, meetings, forums, activations, publications, podcasts, live radio, video (fiction, documentary, docu-fiction, animation, film essay, experimental), sound pieces (any genre), activist campaigns, social marketing, or whatever format is necessary according to the conditions of the project.

As a third novelty, we open this call to any interested person who is the author or authors of a project related to the description of the bases, regardless of place of residence, nationality or any other aspect of identity.

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