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Liverpool Biennial opens today nine exhibitons presenting the complete 11th edition: "The Stomach and the Port"

Until 27 June 2021

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Liverpool Biennial today unveils nine exhibitions, bringing together the complete presentation of the 11th edition, The Stomach and the Port. This final chapter compliments the outdoor sculptures, installations, sonic and digital commissions, alongside the Biennial Online Portal, which launched in March. Now, in line with Government guidance, the Biennial opens more doors to Liverpool, welcoming visitors to safely enjoy the UK’s largest free festival of contemporary art.

The Stomach and the Port is curated by Manuela Moscoso and showcases the work of 50 leading artists and collectives from 30 countries around the world, including Latin America, the Caribbean and North America

The participating artists include: Larry Achiampong, Black Obsidian Sound System, Erick Beltrán, Diego Bianchi, Alice Channer, Judy Chicago, Ithell Colquhuoun, Christopher Cozier, Yael Davids, Ines Doujak & John Barker, Dr. Lakra, Jadé Fadojutimi, Jes Fan, Lamin Fofana, Ebony G. Patterson, Sonia Gomes, Ane Graff, Ayesha Hameed, Camille Henrot, Nicholas Hlobo, Laura Huertas Millán, Sohrab Hura, Invernomuto & Jim C. Nedd, Rashid Johnson, KeKeÇa, Jutta Koether, SERAFINE1369, Ligia Lewis, Linder, Luo Jr – shin, Jorgge Menna Barreto, Haroon Mirza, Neo Muyanga, Pedro Neves Marques, Roland Persson, Anu Põder, Reto Pulfer, André Romão, Kathleen Ryan, Zineb Sedira, Xaviera Simmons, Teresa Solar, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Jenna Sutela, Martine Syms, UBERMORGEN, Leonardo Impett and Joasia Krysa, Luisa Ungar, Alberta Whittle, Zheng Bo, David Zink Yi.

Exploring concepts of the body, the Biennial draws on non-Western thinking that challenges our understanding of the individual as a defined, self-sufficient, entity. Instead, the body is seen as fluid, being continuously shaped by, and actively shaping its environment. The central point of these queries is Liverpool: a city which was an active agent in the process of modernisation and change but which also played a role in the foundation of colonialism. Through the visible and invisible dynamics of Liverpool’s historic port, this Biennial envisions different forms of being human and explores what bodies have the potential to be.

To navigate the breadth of the Biennial and to make connections between the artworks, a series of trails gather the exhibitions, outdoor sculptures and installations around the 3 curatorial entry points – Stomach, Porosity and Kinship.

Presented new and historic locations across Liverpool, the Biennial has taken over the Lewis’s Building, Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building, the Lush Building, Liverpool Central Library and Cotton Exchange to install site specific exhibitions, while new exhibitions have been created in the city’s leading art venues, Tate Liverpool, FACT, Bluecoat and Open Eye Gallery.

To celebrate Liverpool’s iconic architecture and public spaces, the Biennial’s series of outdoor sculptures and installations by seven artists connect bodies and experiences to key places, past and present, speaking of the movement of humans across the sea and proposing new understandings of the relationships between the body and nature.

Underpinning the physical festival is the Biennial Online Portal, a platform presenting an introduction to each of the artists and entry points, along with a dynamic digital programme Processes of Fermentation. This combines an inspiring line-up of live performances, artist interviews, curatorial videos, artist-led discussions and workshops, a film programme, and podcasts, providing ever-changing, rich and engaging multimedia content. In addition, a vibrant selection of online and physical resources is available for children and young people, bringing the Biennial into the home, the classroom and the community.

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