Painting and the Insurrection of the Imaginary: Between the Future-Past and the Present to Come

How can we weave together a memory that allows us to glimpse new horizons of justice at the periphery of hegemonic narrative? Recognizing the counterfactual character of history, the curator Aldones Nino speaks with the painters Herbert de Paz and Marcela Cantuária, who share their impressions of what the role of the imagination is in the face of a constantly regenerating colonial project.

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  1. Translator’s translation.

  2. “The term sulear problematizes and counteracts
    the ideological character of the term nortear
    (north: above, superior; south: below, inferior),
    giving visibility to southern optics as a way to
    counter the dominant Eurocentric logic which
    presents the north as the universal reference.”


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