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Yanelys Nuñez Leyva

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XIII Havana Biennial

By Yanelys Nuñez Leyva
Havana, Cuba
April 12, 2019 – May 12, 2019

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  1. Taken from the Cuban poet Juan Carlos Flores.

  2. Note found by the actress and activist Iris Ruiz and her husband, the artist Amaury Pacheco, in their residence on the Reparto de Almar, when they returned from a trip through Argentina, Chile and Mexico, where they denounced along with other artists the damages of Decree 349. Along with the note, there was also a graffiti on the exterior wall of his house where it read “El tarrú de Amaury”. Both gestures are actions that State Security constantly performs to the detriment of opponents, activists and protest artists.

  3. http://bohemia.cu/cultura/2017/09/pospuesta-xiii-bienal-de-la-habana-para-2019/


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