Marginalia #100

In light of the reflections prompted and convened within #InterplanetarySimulations, we invite Luciana Demichelis to share with us her series “The earth is a satellite of the moon”, a tribute to satellites and the Argentine space race, to invite us to think about sovereignty and the imaginaries with which we continue to evoke worlds other than this one.

The Earth is a Satellite of the Moon is a photographic tribute to Latin American satellites and the ability to dream.

What is a satellite for? What does it mean symbolically and culturally? Among other uses, satellites observe the earth to provide images. They can show the severity of an oil spill, they allow us to see how human beings modify geographical space over time. To date, North American companies have sent 4,300 satellites into space, while Argentina, the country where I come from, has sent 11 satellites in its entire history.

In order to create a global satellite internet network, with its consequent monopoly in technological terms, the large internet services of the global north seek to sell their service to the countries of the South American region at a very high cost while polluting the land with thousands of satellites.

This project investigates how Latin American countries have been creating their first satellites in recent years with the intention of generating better connectivity conditions and images for the territory. With a political view of the imagination, I am interested in mixing photography and fiction to think about new perspectives within documentary photography.

The title of the project comes from a poem by Nicaraguan revolutionary author Leonel Rugama, written in 1968, where he reflects on the cost of space missions by neoliberal countries while their territory is being extractivized by leaps and bounds.

The project seeks to reflect on the notion of collective dream that these devices that fly through the sky represent for some territories.



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