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"We will kiss again" at Wunsch Gallery, Argentina

Wunsch Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 16, 2020

Quarantine fantasies

With the accumulation of days during this sordid confinement, the futile quarantine fantasies become feverish and carnal. There is no difference between the desire of hugging and the desire of burning. In her poem I would like to put all the boys that I have kissed since the year 1999 in the same room, Berta García Faet imagines all the guys she has ever kissed stucked in a room, in a line, dancing, eating and talking, surrounding her, “turning into a single dress, a single red dress with white polka dots / a single dress that I take off because it’s hot […]”. It seems that García Faet is suggesting that those kisses dress and cover us, but the second we start to feel asphixiated by them, we strip again, to start again, once more, just another round. And just like that, wearing red dresses, skin dresses, meat dresses, saliva dresses and naked, very naked, we fantasize and commend ourselves to our memory and imagination. In the center of our changed lives in this suspended world, images and desires burn: they are flames and calls, signs of the persistance of fire, warnings of a future, while we wait for the skin reencounters.

Text by Tania Puente


Ariel Baigorri, Daniel Juarez, Fabro Tranchida, Jimena Buttigliengo, Los Picoletos, Matías Maroevic, Rocío Muy Bien, Rodrigo Reinoso, Sofia Fanego.


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