"Pátina" at People Art Factory

http://peopleartfactory.com, CDMX, El Paso, Cd. Juárez y Monterrey
April 11, 2020

A collective exhibition of contemporary art about (and from) the COVID-19 quarantine period.

Developed through the online platform peopleartfactory.com, with artists from Juarez, Monterrey, Mexico city, Tijuana, El Paso and St. Louis, Pátina presents more than 30 pieces about the experience of trying to stay indoors during this time.

The patina is, among other things, the worn appearance that time gives to different materials, such as oils that coat wood and salts on metal. The exhibition suggests thinking about the patina of interior furniture and noticing what the time spend home (whatever that means) does on artists.

Room text

We wait. We try to go back home. We go out. We come back. We come back. We come back.

Little by little, while getting cover with a household layer for each day, we highlight our moldings, our veins, our imperfect organisms. Meanwhile, we sew ourselves to the fabrics, we melt to the bars or we assemble ourselves to the chair. We wear away. Wear away.

We make an appearance from within, playing the maze over and over again in places we already know. Either way, we meet them again. We await.

We despair.

—Text by Alonso Robles


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